Are you a leader in public health for youth? We are ready for you to fill our Prevention Project Director Position.

The responsibilities of the Prevention Project Director will focus on serving the goals of two grants awarded to CVNDC by the Vermont Department of Health:

FY22 Regional Prevention Partnership (RPP) grant from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) to decrease use of alcohol and of cannabis among youth aged 12-18 and young adults aged 18-25 through required strategies including: outreach and education; regional capacity building; media; work with LGBTQ community, the Department of Liquor Control and community partners such as local law enforcement; local policy enhancements to prevent early use and misuse; a subcontract with an employer of young adults or a higher education institution.

FY22 and FY23 Tobacco Community Prevention grant to decrease current use of cigarettes and vaping e-cigarettes among youth, young adults, and adults, and to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke among adults. Required strategies include: outreach and education to populations of focus; local ordinances; 3-4-50; supporting high school OVX youth groups (Our Voices eXposed); and promoting tobacco product cessation resources and options to serve a variety of ages and preferences for care.

Qualifications and Expectations:

  • Strong aptitude and passion for public health and policy improvement to serve substance use prevention
  • Experienced in advocating for primary prevention of youth use of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and prescription drugs
  • Highly skilled in oral, written, and presentation communication, both in-person and virtual
  • Prepared to interact, reach out, engage and build relationships with community, parents, youth, and local and statewide officials and policy makers
  • Eager and skilled in seeking out opportunities to engage new community partners and build coalition membership/partnerships and Advisory Board
  • Familiar with Central Vermont area, including the capital region and the 20 towns in Washington County, along with the school districts and local organizations
  • Skilled in social media/marketing with attention to detail
  • Experienced with grants and grant administration systems, processes, budgeting, reporting, evaluation
  • Committed to diversity and implementing strategies that value Vermont youth and young adults who identify as low income, Vermonters with disabilities, LGBTQ+, people of color, behavioral health, and/or rural populations.
  • Proficient in a variety of technology systems for communication and project management
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team–dependable and able to meet deadlines, complete tasks, communicate with staff
  • Ability to adapt to changing environments, community readiness, and shift in priorities
  • Work Duties and Responsibilities:
  • The Prevention Project Director position serves in a leadership role to develop and fulfill workplan strategies and activities based on the grant agreements.
  • Work closely with Program Director to provide support and coordinate initiatives
  • Lead assigned program areas upon completion of orientation and training
  • Stay current with new information from a variety of sources and utilize in shared media, presentations, meetings, or to complete activities in workplans
  • Track progress and activities to contribute to written quarterly grant reports and in-person site visits
  • Collaborate on communications and marketing/outreach, including social media postings, website updates, E-News, letters to the editor, advertising, articles and PSAs
  • Represent the organization and the mission of CVNDC through engagement with 12 sectors of the community
  • Participate in professional development, required trainings and calls.
  • This work also involves supporting the re-development of CVNDC’s coalition membership and advisory council, including periodic meetings and events to encourage wider participation, outreach and commitment to substance misuse prevention in Washington County with an ongoing focus on strategic planning and sustainability

Contact Ann Gilbert, Director, for more information: