On April 7th, over a hundred students from around Vermont came out on a cold and rainy day to march, speak out and speak with their legislators against the dangers of youth e-cigarette and tobacco use, and against flavors that are designed to attract youth and create the next generation of people with life-long nicotine addiction.

The day began by gathering at City Hall in Montpelier, marching down State St. to the steps of the Statehouse for a rally and speakout. Then various legislators came out to hear the concerns of their young constituents.

For the march and rally, students carried many handmade signs and banners that decried the use of tobacco in general, and the use of tobacco flavors in particular. Flavors play an important role in addicting youth and young adults to tobacco products. Flavored products, because they don’t “taste like” tobacco, are easier to start and more difficult to quit. In addition, tobacco companies market directly to youth with enticing flavors and packaging.

State lawmakers were happy to see students come out to the statehouse. Lawmakers say they are in talks about putting together legislation aimed at reducing or eliminating flavored e-cigarettes.