Encouraging healthy behavior and decreasing substance abuse in our community.


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NewsVaping Costing More in Money and Health

Current prEvents — September 21, 2019 — The Times Argus By MARY DONNELLY In the middle of the summer, I ran into a young friend of mine who told me she had quit vaping. “I finally did it,” she explained. “Great! What happened? What made ...

September 23rd | by Deb Wolf

NewsYouth and Seniors Reducing Litter and Helping Our Environment

Current prEvents — July 24, 2019 — The Times Argus By JAMIE BLONDIN and ANN GILBERT Vermonters are finding so many ways to help our environment through Green Up Day activities, learning to compost, updating recycling practices, driving less, and doing away with plastic bags ...

July 26th | by Deb Wolf

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