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Public Policy

Be informed about the impacts of youth cannabis use. Watch Dr Lewis First and the February 3rd UVM Pediatric Grand Rounds – it’s a great starting place: Watch here!

Prevention Works is a network of community coalition leaders, prevention consultants, service providers and individuals with an interest in and a commitment to, substance misuse prevention across the state of Vermont.Find many resources at PreventionWorks.

Check out Vermont’s Let’s Talk Cannabis campaign for adults or ParentUP to help parents of tweens and teens prevent youth marijuana and other substance use.

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Do you have questions about point of sale? Did you know that your local stores can help your community be healthy! Here’s how. Check out our flyer about Point of Sale.

This information sheet was developed by the Division of Liquor Control to assist Town and City Clerks with answering common Licensing questions and to clarify requirements for various licenses and permits.

Act 164: Vermont’s New Cannabis Commercialization Law
The Cannabis Commercialization Law was enacted in October 2020 to commercialize the sale of cannabis and cannabis products. Some highlights of this legislation are:

  • Municipalities must opt in to allow recreational cannabis retailers or integrated licenses by vote and may develop additional regulations and licensing requirements.
  • Primarily sets up licensing, taxes, regulations, and oversight/enforcement through the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) rather than through statute.
  • The CCB, in consultation with the DOH, shall adopt rules on child-resistant packaging and labeling before March 1, 2022.
  • Allows sales of non-flavored vaping cannabis products
    Restricts sales, employment and dispensary entry to those over 21.
  • 30% of the positive balance transferred to the General Fund from the Cannabis Control Fund can be allocated to substance misuse programming

Read Act 164

Section 863 of the law is confusing and could be clarified in this legislative session. Notify your local representative here!